Most people never expect to be in this position.

Your loved one is ill or injured and needs to be moved closer to home or to a facility that is better equipped to treat them. We understand. Air Medical has been assisting families in your exact situation for more than 15 years. Let us help take the stress off of you so you can focus on what's most important, your loved one.


Bedside to bedside patient care: 

Our highly experienced medical staff will be with your loved one every mile of the trip. Prior to the flight, our medical team will receive a thorough patient report and determine the best plan of care. Upon arrival at the sending facility, our team will prepare your family member for their journey and answer any questions they may have. Most of our flights are routine and uneventful, but in the event the patient's condition changes in flight, our highly experienced medical staff is ready to respond. We utilize a highly specialized set of medical protocols to cover any situation. In the event the crew needs to consult with our Medical Director, they are just a phone call away from this critical level of support.

Insurance assistance: 

We have extensive experience working with insurance companies and helping patients access the life saving benefits they are entitled to. Let us help you navigate the ever changing and sometimes frustrating landscape of insurance benefits.

Ground ambulance arrangements:

We take care of this as well. This often neglected detail is a standard procedure for us. We will coordinate the ground ambulance arrangements at both cities to ensure safe and seamless transportation to and from the aircraft and the medical facilities.

International Transports:

Is your family member outside the country and having a medical crisis? Consider the crisis over. We operate internationally, often with as little as two hours notice. We coordinate everything necessary to complete an international transport from beginning to end. The details of international flights can be daunting, but we have it down to a science. From customs, to receiving facility, to ground ambulances and international landing clearances, we handle it all!

Why Air Medical?

The only thing more important than the transportation of your family member is their safety and comfort. We will not jeopardize safety in order to complete a mission. If there is an issue that arises before or during the flight that could jeopardize safety, our highly experienced flight coordinators will communicate the issue with you and stay in contact until the issue has resolved.

World class care:

Air Medical has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) since 2007. CAMTS accredited providers are held to the highest standards in the industry, placing you and your loved one in the best hands.


Air Medical has been serving the medical industry for over 15 years with an impeccable safety record. There are few providers with more experience than Air Medical. We have conducted more than 7,500 domestic and international medical flights.

Continuous communication:

Our communication center is open 24/7 and will keep you fully updated on the progress of the trip until its successful completion.

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"At a moment’s notice, they transport critical pediatric and neonatal patients from across Texas and the United States. These patients need access to the specialized care our physicians provide, and Air Medical makes it possible for them to reach us."

Elias Neujahr
CEO, The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio