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Air Medical staff and aircraft have the training and capability to support the various medical needs of our patients. When you choose us, you will have the peace of mind that your loved-ones are being cared for by the best.

  • Organ Procurement

Air Medical is a trusted partner of many major hospital systems to accommodate their need to respond quickly for a donated organs. As it is not unusual for the harvesting procedures to last many hours, we will readily assist rotating medical staff by utilizing multiple flights if needed.


  • Ventilator Dependent
  • Ventricular Assist
  • Device (VAD)
  • Extracorpreal Membrane Oxygen (ECMO)
  • Cardiac Patients
  • Intra-Aortic
  • Balloon Pump (IABP)

If your loved one is a long-term ventilator dependent patient, or has a complex cardiac diagnosis that may require specialized care not available in your local area, our highly capable team can readily manage their transport needs. Additionally, we regularly support adult cardiac specialty teams that hospital systems have formed for these very complicated patients.


  • Neonatal (NICU)
  • Pediatric (PICU)

We are proud to be the provider of choice for many regional pediatric and neonatal specialty teams. Annually we train local Children’s hospital teams to operate safely on all of our aircraft. Our ability to deliver their specialized care to your child is very important to us. 


  • Disaster Relief
  • Trauma Patients
  • Burn Patients

Air Medical has contracted with the Texas Department of State Health Services to support all local disaster relief operations. Additionally, we have and will continue to assistance FEMA responses when the need arises.

Due to our expedited response times and speed of our aircraft, we frequently requested top fly trauma and burn patients when dispatched by Americans traveling abroad that require specific care in the United States.

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When an emergency strikes, you need a solid team to care for children who are critically ill or injured.  A big part of that team at University Children’s Health is Air Medical.  They stand ready to transport medically fragile children in immediate need of specialized care when time is of the essence.

Mark Webb
Chief Executive Officer - University Children’s Health