Letter From The CEO


Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to Air Medical, your local fixed wing air ambulance provider. We are a CAMTS accredited program that has been a leader in safety and clinical distinction since 2001.

We understand it can be a challenging task to coordinate a long-distance transport of your patient, however we are committed to providing you unsurpassed, expeditious service. 

At Air Medical:

• We will work directly with the family- striving to meet their needs

• Accept commercial insurance as well as Medicaid/Medicare

• We facilitate emergent and non-emergent flights

• Will work to make long distance transports as economical as possible

• Arrange all aspects of the transport, bedside to bedside

• Maintain contact with both referring and receiving facilities

• Able to accommodate altitude restrictions

• Always follow up with the referring facility after each flight


We are happy to meet with you to discuss your facility's needs and answer any questions you may have about our highly experienced team. Please contact our Director of Business Development, Steve Soliz at 210-643-4441 or steve@air-medical.com .



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Tim Morgan



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"At a moment’s notice, they transport critical pediatric and neonatal patients from across Texas and the United States. These patients need access to the specialized care our physicians provide, and Air Medical makes it possible for them to reach us."

Elias Neujahr
CEO, The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio