As a Case Manager,

you have one of the most important and demanding jobs in the healthcare industry. The daily balancing act you orchestrate between patients, family members, insurance companies, physicians and hospital administration can be daunting.  

When you are assisting a patient that needs to be transported home or to a higher level of care, we are your one call solution. On the initial call, we will request critical patient information including medical condition and reason for transport. We will work directly with you and the patient's family to successfully transport your patient. 

We take care of everything including:

  • Determination of insurance benefits and assistance with authorizations as needed.
  • Payment arrangements for flights not covered by insurance.
  • Continuous dialogue between our communications center and the facilities.
  • Ground ambulance arrangements at the sending and receiving cities.
  • 24-hour flight tracking by our Communications Specialists until safe arrival of the patient at their destination.
  • Provide a comprehensive flight follow up with the sending facility after completion of the flight.

How to choose a fixed wing provider:

The object of this questionnaire is to provide you with a comprehensive list of questions that will allow you to obtain valid information when selecting a fixed wing air medical provider.

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"At a moment’s notice, they transport critical pediatric and neonatal patients from across Texas and the United States. These patients need access to the specialized care our physicians provide, and Air Medical makes it possible for them to reach us."

Elias Neujahr
CEO, The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio