Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to process the flight request and begin the transport? What kind of information should I have when I call you?

The processing of your request begins during your first call and consultation with one of our coordinators. If the request is for an immediate flight, we will be able to inform you of our availability and the approximate ETA within a few minutes of your initial call. If your request is for a non-emergent prescheduled transport, we can arrange it for a day and time that is most convenient for you (based on availability). Before your initial call to us, it is helpful if you have the following information readily available:

  1. Patient name, date of birth, weight and the basics of their medical condition
  2. Current location of patient and desired destination
  3. Potential passengers names and weights
  4. Insurance information (if available)
  5. For international transports, we will need passport numbers and expiration dates for the patient and each passenger early in the process though not necessarily on the initial phone call.

Q: How much does your service cost and will my insurance pay for it?

The cost of each flight varies depending on many variables. Most insurance is accepted, although benefit limitation and restrictions may apply. Please contact us at (866) 945-8959 to speak to one of our flight coordinators about your air ambulance benefits so we can explore what options you may have for your specific situation.

Q: I am in need of medevac services, where do I start?

Contact our communications center at (866) 945-8959 and speak to one of our highly skilled Flight Coordinators. We are available 24/7, days, nights, holidays & weekends. If you are out of the country, call us collect at (210) 945-8959.

Q: I have two family members and some luggage that need to fly with me. Can you accommodate this request?

While we can generally accommodate 1-2 family members and a reasonable amount of luggage flying with the patient, their are many factors involved that could limit our ability to do this. In every situation, we will do what best serves the needs of the patient with their safety and comfort being our number one priority.

Q: My family member is in a nursing home in Texas and would like to be closer to us in Ohio. Are you able to perform this type of transport?

Of course we can! We are able to perform life flight services from almost anywhere. While the majority of our transports are emergent in nature, we routinely fly nonemergent air ambulance flights as well. Our aircraft are all licensed as Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU) and will always have the same equipment and staffing regardless of the severity of the patient. A common practice in the industry is to reduce medical staffing on flights to one medical provider when patient condition “allows”. Given the complex environment of providing world class medical care miles above the ground, we think this is a very dangerous practice. While very rare, it’s hard to predict when a patient’s condition will suddenly change and life saving practices need to be used. At that moment it is critical that a fully trained medical crew is ready to react.

Q: What makes Air Medical qualified to transport me or my family member?

Air Medical has been performing emergency and prescheduled medical transports since 2001. We are CAMTS Accredited which ensures that you are receiving the highest level of care in medical transport. Our internal training, quality management and safety programs far exceed industry standards.

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